1. What is BiG Talks?
BiG Talks is a social experiment, a community of people share ideas usually in the form of short, powerful talks, covers almost all topics like arts, science, society, technology, business, entertainment and global issues.

2. What can I expect at BiG Talks?
Our attempt is to design an experience for you. We ensure that you watch inspiring talks on stage. This is a great opportunity to be part of the best conference in India, the event inspires you and bring you to understand what others are doing in their life.

3. What are the topics that are presented by the speakers?
The topics will be carefully chosen by the team, enabling maximum reach like Adventure/Exploration, Food/Agriculture, Science/Medicine, Architecture, Law/Human Rights, Social Sciences, Art/Design/Literature, Media/Entertainment, Sports, Business/Economics, Music, Technology, Education, Religion/Spirituality and Others.

4. How this Initiative helps common people?
People are looking out for support to provide them answers and direction. An initiative like ‘BIG Talks’ that will connect successful people who have undergone similar dilemma, to share their personal experiences, challenges, stories and thoughts with the people who are looking for guidance.

5. What is the procedure to select speakers?
The first step of speaker selection starts with finalization of the theme, Based on the theme, we confirm at least 3-4 speakers per idea and then start to work backwards to select the best one. Speaker selection is a time consuming process and it starts almost 8-10 months before the actual event.

6. Does the speakers get paid?
No, speakers are not paid, To speak at a BiG Talks conference is an honor in itself. The speakers are sometimes given hotel accommodations and traveling allowances, but mostly they arrange it themselves.

7. Should i pay to attend the conference?
Yes, there will be a nominal registration fee, to cover the cost of the event like pay the bills on videography and video editing, payments for the venue, web development, hosting and of course, salaries to staffers and interns.

8. When Does BiG Talks occur?
BiG Talks will take place in the month of March and July every year in Hyderabad, India.

9. Can I volunteer at BiG Talks?
Yes, you can volunteer at BiG Talks. We look for bright individuals from across the country to add to our team & community.

10. Where to collect the conference badges?
Attendees should collect their badge at the event in advance, as services at the venue are limited.

11. What Languages are spoken by the speakers?
English, Hindi and Telugu are the languages spoken in the conference.

12. Transport & Accommodation
Event organizers will not provide any transportation and accommodation for the attendees, however we suggest the best hotels and transport partners.