BiG Talks is a social experiment, a community of people share ideas usually in the form of short, powerful talks, covers almost all topics like arts, science, society, technology, business and entertainment. The concept or the idea is to connect great leaders to the one who are looking for guidance in their life. This is a great opportunity to be part of the best conference in India, the event inspires you and bring you to understand what others are doing in their life.

BiG Talks Conference aims to offer individuals a platform to voice their ideas and exchange them with the world. Our Speakers were not celebrities or well known people, who became famous just because they came on to our stage. We never looked around for famous people because we build a platform for untold stories. We believe in untouched stories that inspires many, rather the personalities who delivered it, this defines our aim.

BiG Talks is being started in India to cater to the growing need of connecting the people who have succeeded in their fields despite in-numerous challenges faced, with the common people who aspire to dream, with the aim of empowering people to pursue their goals. We’re building a house of knowledge from the world’s most inspired leaders. BiG Talks is a great conference and it’s a good platform for spreading content through out the world.